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Welcome to Archives Szukalski at, the offficial online source of all things Szukalski: biography, original art, merchandise, as well as news about upcoming publications and events.

Archives Szukalski were founded after the death of Stanislav Szukalski in 1987 by his legal heir, Glenn Bray, for the purpose of preserving Szukalski’s enormous output of art for future generations to enjoy, and making some of it available to his admirers in the form of original art, prints and books on a myriad of subjects. 

The Archives are grateful to Netflix for having produced the wonderful, comprehensive documentary STRUGGLE: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski that has been playing on its network since December, 21, 2018

Fine Art Prints 

Struggle poster

Brand new to our shop

limited edition


Poster based on the original conte crayon drawing c.1954 
24″ x 22″ print on poster paper 
Embossed with the official Archives Szukalski stamp!

Varnish Fine Art

Original Bronze Sculptures

Stanislav Szukalski’s oeuvre comprises thousands of ink, pencil and conte crayon drawings and hundreds of pages of anthropological and philosophical writings, but he is best known as a classic and fantastic realistic sculptor. During most of his life, he could not afford to cast his works in bronze, but towards the end of his life his friend, Glenn Bray, was able to raise funds to start casting the works under the artist’s direction.

After Szukalski’s passing, Mr. Bray continued to cast the sculptures in bronze in accordance with the artist’s wishes, now under the name of Archives Szukalski.

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Please read more about the availability of these originals in SHOP: ORIGINAL SCULPTURES