Original Sculptures

After Szukalski fled war torn Poland at the beginning of WWII, where the majority of his work up to that point had been destroyed or looted, he lived in poverty without a studio to work in. In spite of his circumstances he was still able to make a number of large and smaller sculptures which, however, he could not afford to cast in bronze. Towards the end of Szukalski’s life, Glenn Bray was able to raise the funds to start casting some of them. Szukalski personally approved of the foundry Glenn had found, now named Decker Studios Fine Arts Foundry, and also personally oversaw the execution of the casting process.

After the artist’s passing, Glenn used every profit made from the sales of bronzes to cast additional sculptures in bronze, the way they were meant to be by the artist. In accordance with international rules for original sculpture art, the editions of large works will never exceed 12 (including three foundry proofs), some very intricate sculptures are cast in even smaller numbers. The editions of small sculptures, plaques and medallions run from four to one hundred, depending on their sizes.

See below for A SMALL SELECTION of original sculptures for sale. If seriously interested, you may request to be sent a complete PDF file of all the available works. Please CONTACT us.

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