Extra large poster of Szukalski’s 1917 sculpture STRUGGLE. The print size  20” X 28”  was chosen to make it possible to show the sculpture at its actual life size of 19” tall. The inscription on the bottom features Szukalski’s own writing about the meaning of the image.

The photo is of the original, one and only, bronze cast that was owned by Szukalski himself before it was looted from his studio after the Nazis bombed it. It turned up in an auction in the mid-1990s, after which Archives Szukalski was able to acquire it with the help of friends.

Limited edition of 300. Each poster will be hand-embossed with the official Archives Szukalski stamp.

Layout is by Piet Schreuders; photo by Jeff Vaughan.

Media: printed offset lithography on 100# dull cover stock.


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Weight .65 lbs